Super Light Economy Emergency Kit

This super-light, small kit costs me only $50 to make and has everything you would need to survive minus food.  It is a great simple kit and due to it’s small size can be tucked away almost anywhere and easily carried.

Most kits you buy online or at the store consist mostly of water and first aid supplies.  They often completely ignore how how you will cook food or how to purify your water once your initial supply is gone.  Additionally, the bags can be quite heavy and uncomfortable.  This a great alternative, and by making it yourself you can add twice the materials for the same price.  Just add some food and you are set.

economy kit

What is Inside


Fire starter,  matches,  lighter,  cotton balls in Vaseline,  hand warmers,  tea candles,  votive candle

Esbit emergency stove,  mess kit,  tin foil,  drink mix,  salt/pepper,  packaged water,  filter straw

Water bottle/bag,  baby wipes,  hand sanitizer,  wet towelettes,  toothbrush/paste,  razor,  tissue

Hand towel,  soap,  draw string bag,  tarp,  poncho,  emergency blanket,  head lamp,

550 paracord (50 ft),  Multi-tool,  electrical/duck tape,  whistle/compass,  garden gloves

Sewing kit,  safety pins,  first aid book,  paper,  pencil,  zip ties,  2- gallon bags,  large garbage bag

Neosporin,  Ibuprofen,  Bayer asprin,  gloves,  q-tips,  Band-Aids

*Good to Add:  socks, hat, food

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