Modern Food Storage: Long and Short Term

Check out some of these great links and handouts on Food Storage!

Organizing Yourself and Preparing Your Home for Food Storage:

Beginner’s Guide to Food Storage

Food storage and small spaces

Learning More About Long-Term Food Storage:

10 staples to feed your family on a budget

Longer Term Food Supply

Sources For Food Storage Online:  ( I also often check out the food storage sections in Winco, Walmart, and Costco, and the camping areas in Bi-Mart and Sportsman’s Warehouse)

Emergency Essentials   (Really good place to start, good variety and good deals.)

Honeyville  (My Mom’s favorite store and great baking supplies.)

Mountain House   ( My favorite meals! The best flavor and both the cans and mylar bags have a 25-30 yr life.  They are cheapest in bulk, but I sometimes find them dirt cheap at Bi-Mart and elsewhere.)

Augason Farms  (Great products, love their Morning Moo’s!)

Thrive  (Bit more costly, but they sell some neat things you can’t find anywhere else.)

Costco  (Great for fast and easy if you have the $ up front, but  make sure it is all food you want to eat, or the deal isn’t so good)

LDS Cannery – St Paul, or online (They have amazing prices, just a small selection…but great for basics!)

How To Cook With Your Food Storage:

Dehydrated Eggs and recipes

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