Kids Emergency Kits

The key focus with emergency kits for children is to provide them with comfort and keep them calm  during an emergency.  As adult, our own stress and worry is easily felt by children and teenagers, so providing them with something familiar and calming is essential.  Keep it simple. The kit does not need to contain every type of survival item you may have in your kit.  Instead, I focus on a good bag.  A backpack with rolling wheels and a pull-out handle is perfect, as any parent knows that most children (and teenagers too) will tire of carrying things after only a few minutes!  Now you can start pulling together a few things:Kids Emergency KitLight/Shelter

Headlamp,  glow sticks, whistle,  hand warmers,  poncho,  blanket/sleeping bag


Gloves,    socks,  coat/sweater,   shoes,  hat,  underwear

First Aid

Dust mask,   bandaids,  Neosporin,  chapstick,  cough drops

*and any extra medication they need – inhaler, epipen, etc.


TP/tissues,   baby wipes,     hand sanitizer


Water juice box/capri sun,   purifying straw/filter canteen,   tang/Emergen-C,  jerky

Applesauce ,   fruit snacks,   chips/crackers,  freeze dried fruit,   granola bar,  hard candy for comfort


Phone numbers /  addresses,    meeting spot locations,    money,   comfort letter/token,  photos,   email addresses,   coloring book/games,  toys

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