School Emergency Kits

When you think about it, it’s easy to imagine a number of circumstances that would leave your child in need of an emergency kit at school. As we have seen recently, School lock-downs, Local Weather Emergencies, Regional Weather Emergencies, and even a situation as simple as you don’t show up (or their ride), can leave them in need of a simple comfort kit. 

Most schools aren’t really prepared for long-term lock downs or disasters.  Many schools do not have their own kitchen, and if there is a classroom kit, they rarely contain enough water and food for an extended time for an entire classroom of children.  But a simple, inexpensive kit can be made.

Take a quart size baggie and fill it with some snacksglow stickponchoemergency blanket, a letter and family picture if desired to tide the kids over until they can make it home.

Better yet…encourage your child’s school to send an empty bag home with each kid on the first day of school for parents/guardians to fill up.  These can be kept in a simple tote in the classroom.  And, at the end of the year if they haven’t been used, the class can have a party and eat all the snacks!

school kit

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