Emergency Gardening Supply List

Here are some of the items I have identified as important for gardening and preserving your harvest.  Check to see what you already have, then start to add the others into your supply.



Pitchfork (for turning compost)


Angle grinder or Metal File (for sharpening tools)

Metal Rake

Shovel (multiple)

Hand Rake

Hand Spade

Soil Scoop

Garden Gloves (as many as you can possibly store in all different sizes – who knows who may volunteer to help you down the road)

Sun Hat

Emergency Water Source

Chicken Wire / Fasteners (galvanized staples)

Twist Ties

String (100-500’)

Small Mesh Bags (for seed saving)


Organic Fertilizers:

For Phosphorus – Rock Phosphate or Bulb Food, or Bone Meal

For Potash/Potassium – Potassium Sulfate(Potash Sulfate) or GreenSand

For Lowering Acidity – Dolomitic Lime

*Nitrogen can be created through your own Compost


Food Storage:

Canning Jars (Various Sizes)

Large Canning Pot

Canning Tongs

Single Burner for Canning (not a hot plate – these will not reach the temperatures you need to boil water in a large canning pot)

Canning Lids and Rings

Crates for Cold Storage

Food Dehydrator (Excalibur is a great brand, avoid the circular dehydrators, they dry poorly and unevenly)


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