Organic Pest and Fungus Control

Dealing with harmful insects and pests in your garden can sometimes be a daunting task.  A major factor being that, since this is your food, use of insecticides and pesticides ...

The Other Planter: Alternatives for Starting Seeds

I am always looking for ways to save money and garden sustainably.  Here are a couple great ways to recycle everyday items, saving yourself a bit of money, and saving ...


Save Seeds up to 10 Years!

To the inexperienced gardener, you may believe that the seeds you buy ...

The Best Tomato Plants in Portland! My Secret Grower

I selfishly almost don’t want to give this out, but I can’t ...

Newspaper Seed Strips

Sometimes trying to plant the teeny tiniest of seeds can prove to ...

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2015 Classes are Here! Don’t Miss Out!


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Join Me Today For 3 Free Gardening Classes!

Visit the Mt Hood Emergency Preparedness Fair 2014 this afternoon and catch a number of fantastic free classes! I will be there  teaching: Saving Seeds, Saving $$$ @ 2pm Growing Organic Vegetables from A-Z @ 4pm Skip Seeds and Grow Anything From Cuttings @ 6pm   Friday, May 2nd 11:30 am – 7:00 pm    Saturday, […]

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Shelter Basics: How to Back-up all the Conveniences we Love

In working to become more self-reliant, it becomes more and more clear every day (and especially every time we lose power) that I need back-ups for everything. Nowadays we have it all, and when we lose even one part of our regular utilities, we are at a loss and go into super-shock.  But, I can […]

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Ultimate Bug-Out bag (1-week survival)

food and water # cost each Mainstay 2400 Food Ration – USCG 2 $      4.50 Mainstay Survival Water Ration – USCG 4 $      2.00 food gathering Katadyn Water Purification Tabs – EzPA (30) 1 $    15.00 Camelback All Clear Water Purifier Bottle 1 $      99.00 Brass Snare Wire (50 Ft Length) 1 $      5.95 2 […]

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Super Light Economy Emergency Kit

This super-light, small kit costs me only $50 to make and has everything you would need to survive minus food.  It is a great simple kit and due to it’s small size can be tucked away almost anywhere and easily carried. Most kits you buy online or at the store consist mostly of water and first […]

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School Emergency Kits

When you think about it, it’s easy to imagine a number of circumstances that would leave your child in need of an emergency kit at school. As we have seen recently, School lock-downs, Local Weather Emergencies, Regional Weather Emergencies, and even a situation as simple as you don’t show up (or their ride), can leave […]

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Kids Emergency Kits

The key focus with emergency kits for children is to provide them with comfort and keep them calm  during an emergency.  As adult, our own stress and worry is easily felt by children and teenagers, so providing them with something familiar and calming is essential.  Keep it simple. The kit does not need to contain […]

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Get Ready for the 2014 Preparedness Now Class Schedule!

This Tuesday we start the first of twelve fantastic classes on Self-reliance, Homesteading, and Emergency Prep! I am so excited to be presenting them.  They all are free and open to the public, so be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!

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Gardening for the Emergency Prepper Class

“Thank You” to all the students who attended my class on Gardening for the Emergency Prepper this last Saturday.  We had a fantastic turn-out and were able to go over a tremendous amount of material.  I hope it leaves you inspired and eager to get your gardens started!

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Important Plants for Emergency Gardening

These are just a few to begin with, but they all have tremendous uses during an emergency when resources are scarce.   Medicinal: Plus many of these are great for seasoning food Garlic:   Antibiotic, cold/cough Lady Fern:   Stings, Stingy Nettle Willow:   Pain Relief Mint:   Antiviral Catnip:  Cold Symptoms, Break Fever Sage:  Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antifungal, And […]

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